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Vacuum cleaners with Aquafilter

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Are you allergic to dust, pollen, and house mites? With the THOMAS Premium vacuum and carpet cleaner with water filter you can breathe relieved. The different models are all certified allergy fighters. Equipped with the  patented THOMAS water filter system  with a washable HEPA filter and micro outlet filter, among other things, they fight dust, mites, and pet hair. Without filter bags, that is you'll never have to go to the store to buy one. They not only take care of your floors, but also of your carpets, furniture upholstery and even your windows. This way they eliminate the most important causers of allergic reactions, such as respiratory problems, eye, nose and skin irritations. The expelled air of the THOMAS vacuum cleaners with water filter is 99.99%* dust filtering. The 0.01%, which is still released, is lightly moistened and because of that precipitates. That's why these final dust particles don't give allergic reactions. The result? Visible purity and noticeable freshness. 

The THOMAS TWIN offers a unique combination of vacuum cleaning with water filtering, and vacuum and carpet cleaning for the cleaning of all types of floors.

With the THOMAS GENIUS S1 you select a compact and powerful vacuum cleaner with the patented water filter system.

(*by weight)





    The specialist for all pet lovers. Dust and wash vacuum cleaner, equipped with special pet hair nozzles and new, unique THOMAS AQUA+ Technology.



    Vacuum cleaner especially for sufferers. Free breathing again. Clear and allergen-free air. Thanks to the new and unique THOMAS AQUA+ - Technology. Vacuuming without dust bag.


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